2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £70m
Exactly, he is just a mercenary.

What has pissed people off royally is Carlo talking about building Everton and seeing it as a long term project. Talking about signing a new contract, so he could see us in the new ground. Above although his comments on the European Super league illustrate how two faced he is.

“They wanted to build a competition without sporting merit. This is not acceptable because in our culture, we were brought up to have sporting merit. They were wrong - full stop.”

This is the fella who has managed a Berlusconi funded Milan, an Abramovich funded Chelsea, a Qatar funded PSG and then jumped ship to manage Madrid.

He has the barefaced cheek to complain about sporting integrity when his entire career as a manager has been based on subverting sporting integrity. Even better, the hypocrite complains about sporting integrity and then joins a club whose President was running the ESL.

You’re coming across like a jealous ex. Bit weird.


Player Valuation: £70m
The "first opportunity" (we don't actually know 100% that it even was his first opportunity to leave) was Real Madrid. Everton are getting binned off every single time for Real Madrid. Duncan would probably swerve us for Madrid. This shouldn't be surprising. Bigger clubs than Everton get their best players and managers taken by Real and Barca, whatever their circumstances.

We were paying Carlo Ancelotti to do his job as manager, which he did, perfectly in line with his contractual obligations. We didn't pay him 11m so he'd stay for 5+ years, we paid him that because he's Carlo Ancelotti. That's what you pay big names to do their job. We'd have paid him performance bonuses if he'd achieved anything here - and we obviously haven't now and won't do. If managers get a better offer and leave, that is their right and there is nothing we can do about it.

Imagine if your boss tried to tell you that you should decline your dream job offer because you originally aimed to deliver something in the long term, knowing they'd happily sack you 6 months later, for things that could at least in part be out of your control.

I don't see why you're defending him. He did go against everything he said, and yes it was the first time of asking.

I'm not saying I hate him for it. I like the man, thought he could have done a bit better as manager of us, but in my mind he showed a lack of integrity in binning us off. Doesn't matter if it's for Real Madrid or Real Zaragoza.


Player Valuation: £35m
He'll probably be back with us before Xmas, with both him and Duncan having been sacked as managers of their respective clubs.

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