2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Big Sams Undies

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Big Sam

4 managers. 5 seasons. All different styles. Total of £200mill+ net spend. Top 5 in the league in 5 years for spending. One outcome - underperforming squad.

Who's the fraud? The managers who get 18 months or the players that have been here for 5 seasons?

Just wanting to know cos we play the manager merrigoround all we want, if the squad isn't good enough, it's not good enough.
Don’t forget the so-called DOF that’s been here 3 years and signed off on Delph, Iwobi et al


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Coming around to the "quite glad he's gone" side after reading the Athletic piece

I'm still not sure whether I'm sad he left or sad because the dream of competing under Ancelotti never materialised and was a big anti-climax. Time will tell on that one.

I am pretty worried about what might happen next though. But if players really want to go then I think we should let them go for the right money. We haven't done anything in years so no one is irreplaceable.


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The squad is poor. No getting away from that. The board has to shoulder a lot of blame for sanctioning some very poor recruitment.

Some of it was recruitment for long term under managers than have ended up getting short terms and still a core group under Walsh and Koeman.




Unless I've missed players out, there's only 4 players under Brands that are not fit for purpose, 3 under Walsh.

That's 7 players at least in a core squad that aren't at a level needed. This would hurt any squad to reach where they want to go.


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This is the point though, it works for a team with star players. Not Everton. And unless we were planning on buying 5/6 star players this summer (a long shot given no Europe) then we would have had no chance next season either. Carlo doesn't work with a team that isn't a ready made champions League winning side

Then he never would have been appointed here at all. The idea was to change that.
I get the bitterness. Even see people taking everything now as gospel from a twitter account.
His win ratio is currently 3rd in the clubs history. With this squad.
Who knows who was out the door and who the plans were coming in on the playing level
Real Madrid came along and now we'll never know.
Cant wait for the next manager and 12 months in all the poisen dart throwing to begin again when they're not getting a sh!t group purring like a rolls royce.
This is a lot deeper than carlo ancelotti.


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That second tweet would not surprise me in the slightest if correct. We were horrendously "coached" over the last 12 months or so.

There was no shape, no system and a pathetic one or two man press, that made so little sense and impact, I actually think it was the individual player deciding to go rather than adherence to a system.

To their credit, you could at least see coaching from set pieces but that was it. It appeared to me that the players were sent out in a semblance of a formation and expected to "just play".

I'm not upset at him leaving in the slightest. If we make the right appointment, a manager who can coach systems, pressing and has an identifiable style of play, I'm certain we'll see an improvement both in terms of league position and style of play next season.


Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
That James is garbage compared to Barkley isn't he. Proper embarrassing straw clutching this.

James was injured most of the time and we're were 3 points from getting a better points total that Koeman got....

So unless you're saying we've got a better squad now than what Koeman had I can see where I'm clutching straws.


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the dream of competing under Ancelotti never materialised and was a big anti-climax.

It's this, for me. I was expecting to kick on ASAP but he never did it as well as he should

I am massively worried about where we go next, but this is the time to press the reset button now. We've tried pretty much every cliche for a manager under Moshiri.


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I was a big fan of his but turned out he wasn't actually that arsed about us and junkies ship as soon as he felt the pressure.

F*!£ him and stop wasting your energy, Blues!

Onwards Evertonians!!!
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