2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £35m
Tbh I’ve lost all respect for him,I hope he’s out of RM in 6 months. He’s fed up with i nhere for the project, for the ground opens I’m here for many years to come etc etc. But what are we missing he’s as bad or even worse that Martinez,Koeman and Silva, but can anyone stick to there word nowadays, I think it’s quite disgusting how he’s treated us.


Potato Multi .... Soon
Not gonna lie guys I feel utterly sick about this whole situation. We are now looking for our 6th permanent manager (8 counting the Unsworth and Ferguson caretaker spells) in 9 seasons, we’ve gone from a stable club without a pot to pee in to a basket case bunch of money wasters
Chelsea won two champions leagues in seasons where they sacked managers mid season

Their lack of stability works for them

It could also work for us if we didn’t have such a crappy set of players. Recruitment is to blame for that.


Put The Kettle On
Interesting one that. If it is Howe, Nuno, Moyes or some other no-mark I won't at all, I'll be full floppy and nudging our fanbase from the off
I hear you. But I am done going through a manager a year no matter who.


Player Valuation: £70m
It just highlights how silly the bedwetters are. Not good enough for Everton yet here comes most successful team in the world in club football to swoop him away.

Hes going to continue to win trophies as he does.

What happens to everton. Is most likely a bleaker picture. I really hope not. But it's certainly likely.
So like we shouldn't have wanted Koeman to go either?

bag a yoko

Player Valuation: £8m
Anyone would say yes to a club that sacked you for no good reason just six years ago (same president in charge btw), and could get kicked out of the CL feasibly, and also just four weeks ago a club he labelled as a 'joke' doing what they tried to do? After banging on for 18 months about how he loved the family vibe of Everton compared to the corporate side of clubs like Madrid and Juve?

Yeah, sure thing.

It's a sickener, it really is.
Big Dunc would leave us for Real in a flash. I don't think there's a blue or any other person who wouldn't.
The fact that our managers are going to Barca, Real, Man U and the best international team in world football can only be a good thing though.
If they were leaving us for West Ham it would be an issue.


Player Valuation: £8m
Don't know what to think. Was hoping a few good signings that Carlo wanted and we could push for 5th at least. Now its time to search for a new manager, get rid of deadwood and find new players to improve this squad. Worrying times ahead.


Player Valuation: £225k
What superstars, I could t really care less who he takes as long as they pay good money. There’s not one player I would really miss.

From xmas onwards we looked stale.
The footy was horrible.
We were to easy to beat, just outwork us job done.
The alarm bells were going for me , but I would have given him this season to see how he got on.
That Pickford statement after the Sheff Unt game had the alarm bells going for me.
No team ethic.
Wrong attitude ect I was actually rewatching it on YouTube yesterday ,it tells you something was wrong behind the scenes.
There has been trouble with the squads at his last two jobs as well.
Judge him on what you have seen yourself, we didnt improve under him , none of the players did either maybe DLC and the home results were a disgrace as were the chances we had to go forwards , if we win this we go 4th ect every time it came along we failed .
Hope his son goes as well , wound me up no end for some reason, never did a thing to have a job at a top club but up he pops with dad.
And was that down to big Dunc ?


Player Valuation: £70m
Can shove it.

Dont blame the guy for taking Real, but that post is a load of nonsense. Amazing moments? Christ.
Comments though are always nonsense, like when someone says ive always wanted to come to Everton, they have great fans, its all script, who cares, only thing that matters is the play, and we were crap, no reason for anyone to be bothered about this today

stevie blott

Player Valuation: £950k
It is not really about whether he was happy to coach a team on the basics or not. It's the sheer callousness of the way he left. I understand people have priorities / dreams.

The way he has gone leaves a rather bad taste is all I am saying. If really wanted to move to a club with "better players", he should have chosen carefully. He knew what he was getting into when he chose us.

And if he HAD to go, it could have been done with a little more decency. That's all we ask for really. He was given respect by Everton fans, that's what we can expect back surely.
Mate, we were a paycheck with little other reward for him. He will go to Madrid and win something to add to his cabinet with very little effort on his part. Don't feel sad... Carlo has seen us as too bigger job with very little return.
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