2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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No, what we should have done is had a better grasp of reality and understood that he’s been here for all of 18 months and had a load of dross to work with.
I hope you’re happy cry arse
You look like a bit of a fool now, don’t ya pal?!

Carlo didn’t give a crap about your unwavering support x

Tipp blue

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
I'll just file Ancelloti's brief tenure under the bulky file marked 'Disappointments' in my Everton drawer.


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I was much more invested in Everton when Carlo joined as I was always a big fan. I even tuned into all his press conferences on YouTube.

I wouldn’t begrudge a younger manager going to Real Madrid, just disappointed that he left at the first opportunity and I wouldn’t be surprised if he found the club horribly run and below his standards. Sometimes from the outside before joining the club you don’t know these things and then once you join, you realised you’ve made a mistake. Also he’s never really left any other club aside from Milan when he just got tired from being there for 8 years. So I think this sends a big warning to anyone else that might be approached by Everton, if the project was so good Carlo wouldn’t have left after 18 months.
Has any Manager lasted more than 18 months under Moshiri.

It's a lucrative poison chalice, they will be manager's queing a mile long to get hired by Moshiri.


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All the talk of wanting the dream of leading us out into the new stadium, us winning trophies with fans singing his song, the comments about the ESL clubs being greedy, the comments denying the Madrid rumours.... I’ve defended him to a hilt on here but he’s completely lost my respect here.

This is the only club he’s burned bridges with and left. It’s arguable if he ‘left’ PSG, he lost the trust of the board anyway, but Everton and the fans wanted him to stay, and he's left.

The club should probably have a good hard look at itself as well honestly. Embarrassing from top to bottom. Ancelotti leaving says a lot about the state of the club.

stevie blott

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Perhaps you are right and there are bigger issues with how the Club is being run that pushed him away. But what bothers me the most was about Ancelotti was his stand on the Super League how he said it was a total joke only to join one of the teams that still is insisting on making it happen. Now he is part of the joke. It just seems so fake to me.
It's all fake


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If I were a Real Madrid fan.
I would be fuming about this.
At least my bird will be made up with me not moaning about the footy we play , all I have been saying for months is if fat dam was trotting this boring rubbish out there would be murder.

Exactly this for me.

People focus too much on what he did before he got here, which is irrelevant really. He was nothing more than average for us.

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