Match Thread Brighton HA v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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Spot on. Richarlison gets pelters (he is a fanny for all the rolling about, but weirdly, he's a tough lad when it comes to the persistent treatment he receives and his bravery in going for headers etc) but Son always gets a free pass. The [email protected] nearly ended Gomes (some would say he did!). Yes, he may have cried his eyes out over breaking Gomes's leg, but he chased after him with clenched teeth trying to get him back for that arm swipe, similar to the one v. Man Utd.

And half the commentators come out with sh1te like, 'He was surely 'entitled' to go down there'....I mean, WTF?!! So the footballers, playing on bowling greens, are largely fannies, who go down like drunks on an ice rink, the growing media expectation is that every touch is a free kick, if not a card, and we spend ages agonising over whether someone's a pube's width beyond the last defender, whilst only a handful of clubs ever get to win anything. The fun and excitement is being crushed out of the game.

Anyway, match day lads. COYBB!!!!
Come on Bully Beef? lol


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I’m doing that thing now where I’m thinking ‘actually, if Richarlison and Dom had their shooting boots on we’d have smashed Palace and we put four past Brighton earlier in the season so why not today’.
I’m a self aware optimistic pessimist again, the way only an Evertonian can be.

kiss the crest

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After hearing the news about Tosun will here injured next season and Gbamim with yet another injury, I think Evertons season may as well just Finnish really CBA, watching Brighton having most of the play some player who has been awful all season for them suddenly come into form and score against us,
Dominic Calvert-Lewin sticking his thumb up after being sent clear one on one and misses again.
Keane passing backwards then lumping it into the stands as he has no options
1-1 final score
I'll just leave this here....

View attachment 123840

Quite a few who’ve not scored this season as well.


*lumps a ton on Andi Zeqiri for the only goal.

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