Bill Kenwright

RIP if true. Wish he left a lot earlier. I was never a fan but I do believe at heart he wanted whats best for the club. Dont think we need to lock. Seems to be pretty civl on here so far and cant see it going another way
I couldn't reflect on this rumour/news with anything other than sadness, and thoughts for his family and friends.

He has been a pivotal figure in the Everton community and a significant part of the club's history.

It would be the end of an era. But obviously much more than that for his family. Loss and grief are terrible things to bear.

Anything other than that can wait. My thoughts are with his family.
If true, this will intensify the call for a stand at BM to be named after him.
Wish we didn't even have to think about it.💙🖤
It would be insane to name a stand after him. You cannot dedicate a part of a stadium to a Chairman that was synonymous with the worst period in the club's entire history. Hated by a large number of fans, went out of his way to paint the fans as angry, uncontrollable, criminal thugs, and refused to resign so somebody more able could perform the duties of a Chairman.

Once he's gone, I hope he's never mentioned again.

Let's even see if this news is true. If so, a minute's applause is probably the best form of appreciation the club could do for him - even those who hate him won't boo because in general our fans are good people and will have a great deal of sympathy for his family left behind.