2018/19 Bernard

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He will start on the bench and work at his fitness levels. should be peaking around mid-September, which is fine.


Player Valuation: £70m
When we were very first linked with Fonseca I immediately singled out Bernard as one of the players I'd love to follow him to Everton from Shakhtar... turns out we didn't need Fonseca to get him anyway!

Think he's a cracking player, easily the most exciting signing we've made this summer in my opinion.


Same as Iceland last season. Just hope we don't play him when only half fit like we did Iceland.
Given that we now have excellent depth for all the positions he plays, it should take the pressure and urgency off and allow him to get up to speed gradually.

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Player Valuation: £60m
Normally this sort of signing along with Mina would occur 3 or 4 games into the season, so we are already ahead of schedule of integrating into the side.

Hopefully we can get him up to speed and intensity asap.


Player Valuation: £30m
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