Match Thread Aston Villa vs. Everton - Carabao Cup Third Round

Your MOTM vs Aston Villa

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Don’t do too many changes in defence. Villa will have a weakened team out so let’s give it a good go.4,500 travel and a lot more would have went if given more tickets.
Do people saying they don't care about this do so to ease the pain if we lose? Even just getting to the final would represent one of the best moments in the life time of any Evertonian under the age of 35.

The fact we've shifted 4000 tickets also tells you it's a game we should be taking seriously.
Probably because we have pretty much the worst record in the top two flights in this competition. We've been absolute gash for it's entire existence. Because it's so embarrassing it's easier to pretend that we don't care.

And then they got knocked out by a league one team. I have no doubt we could do the same if we wanted but why on earth would we want to?!
Counterpoint - we made pretty much 0 changes against Doncaster and nearly lost to a team at the very literal bottom of professional football at the time while playing worse than them for about 60 minutes.
Luton made 10 changes last night. Why is our squad always so crap that this is never a possibility for us?
What are you talking about? Just take the 9 players from our bench at the weekend and add another youth player and done,do you think Lutons 10 changes were any good?! They obviously have a much worse squad than us

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