Are Everton not in crisis?

Are Everton not in crisis?

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Why not just ask if Everton where in crisis?? Question is worded awfully, not even sure I answered the way I wanted to ?
A mod hid the thread before this asking Are Everton In Crisis for some authoritarian reason @GrandOldTeam so I redone this thread in the hope they wouldn’t censor me again, and it’s working thus far. Anyway just vote Option C as that’s what it’s all about really n

Emmanuel Dennis will bag a brace on his Forest debut I fear. We’re so poor individually. If you work hard and do the simple things correctly against us you win. We’re like Newcastle a few years ago. Been beaten by two teams who’ve put in average (at best) performances.
Depends on how one defines crisis.

If this is a crisis then they've perpetually been in a crisis for like 3 or 4 years. So I don't believe it is a crisis, but it's definitely dysfunctional and it's being exacerbated by the financial effects of the pandemic. However, I unfortunately don't see any reason to believe the tough days are going to go away.

I don't believe a manager can fix this club.

Just to gauge opinion on how fans feel on this forum of forthright views and no agenda.

Its been two losses but early days. Anyway you vote and say it as you see it.

No crisis…..yet.

We need to beat Forest next week though.

Three tough away games coming up in the next four after that….at Brentford, Leeds and Arsenal.

And a home derby in the midst of them.

Screw that…..this is very much a crisis :mad:
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