2022/23 Anthony Gordon

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To be honest, if anybody came in with a daft bid I’d sell him.

He’s like a pale imitation of Saint-Maxim, except the latter gets the odd goal.

Also don't think he should be relied upon. He's gonna get loads of game time but surely having McNeil, Alli and Gray he doesn't have to be playing every game.
I thought all the front players had opportunities to pull the trigger and tried one pass too many. Some of the build up play was good but we tried to walk the ball in the net instead of testing the keeper.

A lot was asked of him starting through the middle so I dont want to be too scathing, but he was undeniably bad there.

He's been vastly by supporters for the obvious reasons, there's a lot to like yes and he will improve but right now he doesn't look anything special. Should be a bench player and hopefully will be if the squad fills out a bit.
Does anyone else thinks Gordon is not worth the hype? Average again
I agree with this somewhat. Great lad, works hard but has low stamina & not a lot of end product. He's young & it could still all come good but i don't see it right now. If he was a quiet non local then i doubt the same fuss would be made. Plenty of time though for him to become the player the hype suggests but he has to start showing a bit more substance to his game now.

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