2022/23 Allan


Player Valuation: £25m
He's an asset. A commodity. A deal that didn't turn out well. Who knows maybe there was a row behind the scenes but either way after what a dodgy season or two? We owe him nothing.

Disagree. He was solid. His weaknesses were the lack of mobility brought on with age, and his not being a perfect fit for what Frank wanted. He seemed to do well as a free-ranging ball hawk without having the need to keep a shape, but that's not what we needed him to do, especially in that pivot with only Doucore. But he still had plenty of good games for us and he was a competitor.

We didn't make money on him but that was to be expected at that stage of his career.

It was time to move him on, but he was a good player for us.


Player Valuation: £50m
I don’t think you can fault Allan’s professionalism.

From watching him and seeing his social media etc, it’s clear to see that he loved playing here, it just didn’t work out.

He started off like a house on fire, and got a knock and never regained the form, and then slowly lost a little bit of pace.

Lampard and Thelwell are slowly trying to build something here, and it doesn’t include high earners, who don’t feature. Gomes, and now Allan, adding to the list of Gbamin and Alli, who didn’t make the cut, and they’ve probably slashed the wage bill by £400-500k a week (inc. Tosun and Sigurdsson too) which is some achievement.


Player Valuation: £50m
I don't think i've ever known the club just not mention a player leaving, so you'd have to assume there's a reason it hasn't been announced yet. Maybe international clearance red tape or something, but I find it difficult to believe they just aren't going to do it/have forgotten.


Player Valuation: £950k
Not a bad player and certainly don't actively hate him like I have some of our recent signings..
Unfortunately just wasn't particularly great at anything in particular and to make it in the PL if you don't have the legs you need to be great on the ball and/or vice versa
Wish him well
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