2022/23 Allan


Player Valuation: £25m
Good player, but his game was mostly about his ability to get around the pitch and by the time he came here he couldn't do that. Ancelotti's attempts to play him as a sitting player didn't really suit his game either.

His legs having now gone meant he was never going to fit into what Lampard wants here, so this is best all round.


Player Valuation: £70m
Right time to go IMO. The central midfield is stacked now and it became clear quite quickly that he isn't the profile that Lampard is after. Another set of high wages off the books with a small fee generated to boot.

Sheedy's right knee.

Player Valuation: £10m
Good business, getting his wages off the books. Hopefully we got a nominal fee, but like the advert every little helps.

Hopefully we won't have FFP, breathing doy our necks next summer.
I fully agree, the wages is a big one if he’s a bench warmer. I have to say I’ve always liked him and I think if he would have stayed fit in his 1st season with Carlo we would have made top 6 and Europe. We are 2 years on now and his ship has passed but I wish all the best. Always give his all in a blue shirt and a good pro.

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
Absolutely crazy the revisionism over him. He’s a million miles better than Davies will probably ever be. I was gutted when he was sent off v Newcastle and almost every Everton fan thought that might be us down because of that decision. When he was out injured under Carlo we were a completely different team.

Davies can swan about for years offering nothing and has a decent game and his massive fan club are ready to forgive all sins and give him a new contract (are people serious about that?!)

Allan has a few bad games in a midfield two or when he’s carried an injury but generally been one of our better midfielders and people want him out at the first opportunity

I don’t understand it
Allan did pretty much nothing since he arrived here.

He wasn't shocking or anything but for most of his time he was just "there".


Player Valuation: £8m
So long Allan.

Underrated by many on here, but I think he was exposed by injuries to the more mobile and intelligent players around him. Ended up being stuck with Gomes and Davies for partners, which can't have been fun.

I'll forever remember him as the midfield general of the mad first few months of the 20/21 season under Don Carlo, skulking around with his shirt tucked in, flying in to tackles and spraying the ball around nonchalantly from the quarter back roll.
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