Adolfo Gaich


Doing bits, here and there.
That’s my concern.

Luca Toni was 16 and passed up on by Chievo Verona for his gangly features - This lad is in the same mould as him; I’d take the risk on him - we won’t see too much of him for a while, but he does have more strengths than just his height. Some of his finishing shows composure and if his strength can create space I feel he’d adapt to the Prem.

He reminds me of Luca Toni/Graziano Pelle/Olivier Giroud type striker.
God how I loved Luca Toni

Charles Hawtrey

Player Valuation: £30m
Lets hope WHU dont jump in ahead of us and catch us while our panz are down.
Anyone monitoring to see if he has checked in at the Adolphi?

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