A new dawn?


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I don’t know about a new dawn.

But this team is something to get excited about. We are going to be competitive.


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Hi s commentary was massively flattering his tone he sounded excited by us it was about us being great not spurs having a off day as would normally be the old Everton perception
First time in years that i wasn't crapping myself as the end of the game approached. We were comfortable from start to finish and were the better team. Early days yet but when you consider that we will improve as the lads gel and get more games behind them, definitely looks like it could be a new dawn with much better things to come and man do us Evertonians deserve it.

Blue Roo

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New dawn - Yes

The quality and belief of Hames,
The moment - those cross field balls played to Richarlison outside of the defender.

...a man in the middle who inspires, who can be relied upon

...and a man on the side and his belief in football.

It changes things for the rest of them,
and for the rest of us...

Most enjoyed game in a long time

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