A Funeral Poem For A True Blue (My Everton Heaven)

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Here's a wonderful poem that I found online that I thought was well worth sharing on here with my Blue friends.
Moderators, feel free to move it if you think there's a more appropriate place for it.

Lift you head please no more tears,
And think of all those happy years.
I'm in a place that I'm content,
To my Everton heaven I've been sent.

Where Everton fans live on forever,
Loyal and true we're all together.
And in my heaven of royal blue,
I wear a smile and think of you.

Every game that Everton play,
These fans are with them all the way.
Cheering on from high above,
For the boys in blue the team we love.

So live your life and please don't dwell,
And be at peace I'm safe and well.
Amongst my friends decked out in blue,
In my Everton heaven, I wait for you.

I thought this was perfect as a final tribute to any True Blue, with 'Z Cars' to open the service of course!


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At my funeral there's going to be a closed casket and then it will be opened to reveal I'm not inside, instead the ceiling fan will be turned on and me lifeless body will swing around the room while the space jam theme tune is playing in the background.........

Nevermind, just rang me ma and told her and she said I can't do that.


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I am always amazed at how many people are defined by football allegiance. I go to my parents grave every week, and it is surrounded by memorials emblazoned with club crests.

When Liverpool played Real Madrid in Champions League final one headstone even wore a Liverpool shirt.

I find it sad since there are so many other facets of our lives which are equally intense. I wouldn't mind Z cars at my funeral, but I think a poem would be too much, and certainly wouldn't want a club crest.
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