6 + 2 Point Deductions

Not a pass. But I respect he bought the club and had a go. It hasn’t worked out and yes he should have looked to sell the club before all these mistakes happened but I respect he bought us and had went for it. One summer we kept signing player after player it was like Christmas Day. Yes he has made loads of mistakes and therefore he doesn’t get a pass for it but I do respect he gave it a bloody good go.
Boiling it all down, the only way to do it now is to try and achieve profitability FIRST, through clever/lucky player trading, whilst maintaining a steady league position. That profitability then buys you the ability in future (due to PSR headroom and available real cash) to spend, and if you get most decisions right, gradually increase on pitch success. Would take years and years.

We, like most clubs, tried to do it the other way round, try to get footballing success FIRST, trying to weather a period of loss making, to ultimately lead back to profitability. Literally everything has to go your way to do that, and every decision has to be perfect, and that’s very very unlikely.
I will be glad when we can move on, and consign Kenwright/Moshiri to (bad) memory.

Probably out of the frying pan and into the fire though, but at least a new chapter of at least some hope :D
Not sure there is if 777 take over. There are a few clubs that seem to stumble from dodgy owner to dodgy owner. It never ends well. The next owner of the club will have a massive influence on our future. If they know what they're doing with a brilliant new stadium we could stabilise as a top 10 club and gradually get our finances sorted. If they're a parasite like 777 I don't see us surviving in the Premier League. I still think we'll make it back but will be a longer road.

I think we'll hear something today
Definitely possible we hear today but would be a quick turnaround to consider it all and get a detailed verdict typed up in a week. Would concern me a bit if we do hear this quickly, as we are the ones presenting the arguments, that they hadn’t necessarily been given detailed consideration. Would be much quicker just to put lines through our arguments and to let the original stand than to do a comprehensive re-write.

So on the one hand I’m desperate to find out just to put us out our misery but on the other I’m not sure a quick verdict would be favourable to us.

Unless of course it’s all a sham and the verdict’s been cooked up by the PL and has been known for months.
I don't disagree and I'm not defending Kenwright at all, but I'm sure moshiri liked the club's board as he refused to sack any of them. They were his patsies.
Kenwright picked them and threw them under the bus at the end and stayed on himself, although his cronies picked themselves up from the bus to pick up their going away stooges cheques.