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    Match Thread Everton v Crystal Palace - Match Report and MotM Poll

    Your conclusion is that Carlo told them to let Crystal Palace have exclusive possession of the football? I mean, it doesn't sound like something he'd say, but you probably know him better.
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    Match Thread Everton v Crystal Palace - Match Report and MotM Poll

    He was gassed, I'm pretty sure Carlo thought we could see it out. I thought bringing JPG on was weird though, this isn't denigrating the lad, he didn't do anything wrong, but we needed energy in the middle of the park and 2 years out was always going to lead to some sluggishness.
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    Match Thread Everton v Crystal Palace - Match Report and MotM Poll

    One of those nights, tonight. In recent weeks we've barely created one good chance and have typically taken them. Tonight, we create a hatful and can't finish. We won't qualify for Europe, I don't think, but tonight was a symptom not a cause. We need more winners in the squad, we sat back after...
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    2020/21 Cenk Tosun

    The Kaiser Sose of EFC
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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    It's surprising only 4 managers have a less than 50% approval rating.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Even the most pessimistic epidemiological models don't support that outcome and, as I have said before, politics and economics will eventually overrule public health scientists. If we open the stadium in August 2024, which in itself is far from certain, it will, most likely, be to a full house.
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    Will we be next to 10 titles?

    I'm surprised Newcastle aren't already on 10 the way their fans describe their massive, massive club! And West Ham won the world cup, lest we forget!
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    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    I always forget that Jay Jay Okocha is his uncle. Now there was a player, I'm sure the Iwobi fanatics will now bombard me with stats to show that Okocha was crap and didn't play half as many progressive passes as Iwobi but I'd love a player like Jay Jay. My brother in law is a Bolton fan (he...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    No chance. If we get to 90% coverage (then 70%+ for variant boosters), which looks entirely achievable, the government will let it run through the remaining population. There will be herd immunity by the front door or the back door by 2024 and then we'll live with it like any other endemic...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    It's not the same without Bungle, is it?
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Logged on. Was excited to see many new pages in the stadium thread. Hoping for news on the schedule or financing. Instead, find page after page of @Dymak proclaiming that spectator sport is dead. Forever. Never change GOT, never change!
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    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Does anybody really play with wingers any more, though? We certainly don't.
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    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    The test itself only takes a couple of hours, most of the delay is ferrying about samples. There's certainly no reason for a private test like this one will certainly be taking any longer than 24 hours.
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    2020/21 Moise Kean

    I cancelled my Sky subscription that year, when the Sky call centre person called me back offering me seals to stay and asked me why I was cancelling I simply replied "Allardyce" and they stopped trying to convince me to stay!
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    The Moshpit?
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