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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    If anyone can help out with two tickets for Lincoln away I would be massively grateful. Lifelong blue living in Lincoln here so desperate to go!
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    Player of the 2010's

    Got to be Baines for me. Coleman would be a close second.
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    @GrandOldTeam excellent! Yeah same here ta, all good aside from the relentless disappointment of...

    @GrandOldTeam excellent! Yeah same here ta, all good aside from the relentless disappointment of the blues. Have become a serial lurker on here, need to get involved again.
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    Daniel! How's it going sir?

    Daniel! How's it going sir?
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    Grand national day

    Not sure if it's been announced yet but with Leicester being drawn to play their CL game on the Wednesday our game will stay on the Sunday at 4pm. Which is good news for me as I'd already booked a hotel for the Sunday night!
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    Ademola Lookman

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    Match Thread Ebepton v Woolwich - Tuesday 13th 19:45

    4th game of the season for me tonight. 5+ hour round trip, we'll probably get nailed and I'll definitely be massivley tired from the driving and not want to got to work in the morning. But... Can't help being excited, COYB!
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    Everton v Crystal Palace. 30 Sep at 2000.

    Solid preview Chico sir. I'm going for 3-0 blues, Bolasie first goal scorer. COYB
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    Everton relatives

    My Uncle's Mum knows Colleen Rooney's Mum. Tenuous but managed to blag me Wayne's autograph when he played for us!
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    GrandOldTeam TV Who Is YOUR Favourite Foreign Born Everton Player?

    Tim Cahill for me too. Like many Evertonians of a certain age him and Dunc are my favourite blues of all time. Shout out to Landon Donovan as well, still wish we'd managed to sign him permanently!
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    New kits 2016/2017

    Oh God what have they done...
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    Thank you sir!

    Thank you sir!
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    Roberto Martinez Discussion - Including Live Poll (Poll Reset 1st May)

    Massive sense of relief that. Thanks for a great first season Roberto, but I'm afraid you had to go. Onwards. COYB.
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    I was there tonight. Very impressed with Dowell and Holgate (shocker right). By far the best two players on the pitch, should definitely get a chance with the first team soon. Davies also did some very nice stuff, although he seriously needs to pull his socks up (as in literally pull his socks...
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