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  • Yeah £45 each is fine. Text me at 15853620189 and let me know when you can meet up tomorrow. Could do outside Winslow at 10:15?
    I think we'd prefer to go with the Bullens, but we were looking at closer to £40-45 as that is what the face value would be. Cheers
    Okay, let me just check with who I'm going with to see where they'd prefer to sit. Cheers for this, too hard to get tickets these days
    I have 5 tickets and only need to use 2. So 3 are in Upper Bullens and 2 are in MS. Don’t know seat numbers in MS until I get them from box office tomorrow. That’s because I got them through a US Blues group. Used tickets from same group last week and they were Row BB.
    Yeah sure. 50 each sound ok? What time do you want to meet up and where? I’ll probably be around the ground by 10 or so to pick up the tix from the box office.
    Vincent Weight
    Hi there, are these for the tickets in Upper Bullens or Main Stand? We seem to be talking about 2 sets of tickets

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