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    Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Haha yeh mate remember Danny Graham did something similar too while at Sunderland
  2. Tony Cottee

    2018/19 Idrissa Gueye

    au revoir
  3. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread EVERTON V SOUTHAMPTON Match thread, Report and MotM Poll

    Ah well this trophy eludes us for at least another season
  4. Tony Cottee

    2018/19 Tom Davies

    Find it quite unbelievable that we have to make a player captain to get the best out of him
  5. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread Blackburn Rovers v Everton Thursday, 26th July 19:45 KO

    Kenny asleep there Pennington awful
  6. Tony Cottee

    The Crushing of Evertonian Spirits

    Haha is right Baymax, this instantly cheered me up a bit
  7. Tony Cottee

    Why me efc?

    Keep the faith mate our time will come
  8. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread Bournemouth v Everton, Sat 30/12/17

    Every time down there we struggle
  9. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread Everton v Atalanta BC

  10. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread Burnley V Everton preview thread/match day thread

    Nah I'm in there now they said it's not on
  11. Tony Cottee

    Match Thread Burnley V Everton preview thread/match day thread

    Does anyone know of any pubs the game will be on in town?
  12. Tony Cottee

    Transfer Rumour Moussa Sissoko

    Later moussa
  13. Tony Cottee

    Homepage Update: Martinez on “the new era” for transfers

    Nail on the head for me that mate
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