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    Match Thread Crystal Palace 0-0 Everton, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Didn't watch the game and saw everyone saying we were terrible on here, but watching MOTD i thought we looked pretty decent except for a goal. Were we that bad?
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    David Luiz

    i saw the thing about the mirror but i saw that Luiz rumour/lie on the BBC website, i wasnt reading the Sun! (n)
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    David Luiz

    apologies, admin, please feel free to delete!
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    David Luiz

    soz, just found it funny!
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    David Luiz

    says it all in the title really (and the source!)
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    David Luiz

    lol! Just picking random players now
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    Evertonians in Derby

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    Seventh Place

    no europe if watford win the cup though
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    Seventh Place

    or if city win the cup?
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    Confirmed Signing Joao Virginia

    He sounds like the start of the Lion King song
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    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City - Preview, Report and MotM Poll

    Woeful. Richarlison is a fraud. He spends more time on the floor than on his feet. Blagged his way into the premier league. Also, Hitting the wall with two free kicks on the edge of the box by two excellent free kick takers is unreal.
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    Match Thread Everton v Rotherham United, Preview, Report and MotM Poll

    channel 144 on sky, cant see them not having all the games on since there are only 4. think its colin murray doin what he used to do on channel 5