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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    70m was way too much for him. He was not really that good in the Bundesliga. I don't see why he was worth 70m. There is better players for less money getting around.
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    2019/20 Dennis Adeniran

    Its my middle name. Well I was born in the 70's.
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    2019/20 Dennis Adeniran

    What's wrong with Dennis?
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    Match Thread Everton v Manchester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Me as well. I think we were a bogie team for them for awhile but this city team is now different and knows how to win.
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    Transfer Rumour Reinier Jesus

    He's making a comeback.
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Today in Australia is R U OK day. So from down here just hoping you are all ok.
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Seems legit. ;)
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    Transfer Rumour Reinier Jesus

    What if he has already signed and no one is announcing it yet and it will be announced after his birthday in January. Could already be agreed for all we know and any reports from now on will just be made up jarg because no-one knows anything.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Its been framed.
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    2019/20 Alex Iwobi

    You need to self moderate. Can you give yourself an off topic warning please?
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Exploding heads and lots of wet sheets.