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    Our most loyal player

    Dead, Howard Kendall. Alive, Seamus Coleman = Pure passion.
  2. Raymondo077

    Match Thread Everton v Brighton & Hove Albion, KO 15:00 Sat 10th March

    Jaysus lads , a clean sheet would be a bleedin victory!
  3. Raymondo077

    david moyes

    C,mon kid, with the money. David could have us great like....
  4. Raymondo077

    Would what your view of Allardyce be?

    Hiya , lids
  5. Raymondo077

    The Great Escapes

    Were still in the top flight, stop sweating my Irish buddy..
  6. Raymondo077

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    You need to let the anger go , and trust in your own instincts regarding where your are as a person.. I reckon everyone has had a desire to live up to what our older siblings precieved to what our Dad should be.. Strong, fit, always gonna be there for ya ... My Dad died when i was 15, (1977) ...
  7. Raymondo077

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    I,m honoured kiddo,, cheer,s kid.
  8. Raymondo077

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    That magnesium what,s it,? does it for me allways... Howya Chico,, been a while kid.
  9. Raymondo077

    Guess the outcome: Lukaku

    Lad owes us nothing, i wish him all the best whatever he decides.
  10. Raymondo077

    Alisher Usmanov

    Its happened again mate, in trough Young Ones style.... *Complete [Poor language removed]*.
  11. Raymondo077

    Besic Injury

    Get the curly lad back from Utd and were sorted.
  12. Raymondo077

    Ronald Koeman

    Think as a player the lad was a Dutch legend, but i think as a manager he,s got the personality of Van Gal and that does not bode well with players and fans.. Regardless of that, i,m throwing my total support behind whoever gets the job to take us forward.
  13. Raymondo077

    Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

    He also tells you not to stand too close to the platform or you could get sucked off.
  14. Raymondo077

    Match Thread Palace V Everton 13/4/16 KO 8pm

    Puts everything into perspective Mout.
  15. Raymondo077

    Roberto Martinez Discussion - Including Live Poll (Poll Reset 1st May)

    Thats just it mate, we dont have manager,s like in the fast walking days who let the players go out for a serious bevvy win lose or draw after a game. And thats whats missing in the modern game,, absolutely no soul left in all the personnel today. Say what you like about Roy Kinnear and the...
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