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    Tim's Beard

    His beard is epic, end of.
  2. Nordecke

    Leroy Fer

    *ferp, ferp, ferp*
  3. Nordecke

    3 Things which we have learnt in 2012 ?

  4. Nordecke

    Nugent - Yes or No?

    Stand on me.. I miss LCAB
  5. Nordecke

    People who shout "shoooooooot"

    Science is the search for truth in order to better man kinds understanding of everything.. fyi
  6. Nordecke

    People who shout "shoooooooot"

    lol @ thuck ma baws Very clever username.. It's flirting dangerously close to suck my balls.. I get it, bravo.
  7. Nordecke

    El Costa Ricano Oviedo

    Definitely looks more comfortable on the left.
  8. Nordecke

    Fellaini handed a 3 match ban

    He could use the rest, will be ready to go after this.
  9. Nordecke

    Thomas Hitzlsperger vs Reading

    I like how calm he is on the ball... Slows the game down in a positive way, giving forward players time to make space.
  10. Nordecke


    Is right!
  11. Nordecke


    let's ground(share) and call it "Goodfield" Get it :) *Seriously the situation looks perilous to any possible investor.
  12. Nordecke


    I think we should make a cheeky bid once Villa go down.
  13. Nordecke

    Kevin Sheedy has bowel cancer

    God Speed matey
  14. Nordecke


  15. Nordecke


    Hear HEAR !! Old chap!
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