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    Jonjoe Kenny

    Schalke tries to lower his prize tag because they know we do not want him back and no other party. :)
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    Next shirt sponsor.

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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Remember the name - Thomas Cannon :)
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    Jonjoe Kenny

    trent alexander-arnold kyle walker ricardo pereira reece james aaron wan-bissaka hector bellerin matt doherty serge aurier ... coleman sidibe ... jonjoe kenny :bye:
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    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Rabiot never lose possession in my fifa time. Sign him up lol
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    Summer 2020 transfer window

    So we need two destroyers who cannot play football in centre midfield and rely on wide players such as Walcott, Iwobi and Bernard to create chances? lol :bye:
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    Jonjoe Kenny

    He still plays the same game. Receive the ball form cb, pass back or step aside to the touchline, hit it long to corner flag and hope forwards can get it. He still has problem against pressing team and then his team loosing possesion. lol
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Just watched him and Digne in UCL against City. He had freedom to linked up play with Messi, Suarez and Neymar bcoz behind him were Rakitic and Busquets. Digne worked so hard bcoz Neymar did not run without the ball and wanted the ball at his feet all the time. But still they played a lot easier...
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    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Buy everyone this summer and we will have a chance to finish 4th this season when it returns next year lol
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Carlo names his talented XI of players he has managed
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    New Stadium Discussion

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    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Atalanta was quicker and faster than us in Europa league three years ago. We need quality on the ball badly lol
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    New Stadium Discussion

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