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    1. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      are you still alive? what are you doing about switzerland?
    2. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      sorry, and happy xmas,
    3. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      are you going to bern?
    4. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      HELLOOOO sorry about missing each other, we went to the hotel to collect our bag, came back and you had gone. we wasn't being rude, had a beer then went for a kebab. nice. if your going to wolfsburg, let me know and i'll bum a lift and pay for fuel and travel cost's or something.anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you and i hope we meet again all the best carl.x
    5. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      evening, when are you travelling over?.booked a hotel for wed night because we arrive at 4.30 am thursday morning, so getting our heads down for a few hours. the hotel is about 400 metres from the square.which pubs will you be in around lunchtime or mid afternoon? cheers carl see you soon.
    6. Barlows Boots
      Barlows Boots
      Hi Jim,
      If you have any spare Lille away tickets kicking about I'll take one off your hands - got my Eurostar and hotel booked, just need a match ticket
      I live in London so could pay via Paypal/Bank Transfer. Failing that, I could give you cash at WBA away on Saturday if you're going


      Graham - 07977 518 846
    7. p-fcn
      hi, thanks for your help
      I'm from Nuremberg, will hopefully do my way to Lille and might sleep in car in Euralille shopping center parking
      This is a link to Lille I think you have not got yet
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