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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    He has all the attributes and you would start him over DCL? To me he looks like he's never played football before. It amazes me how someone like him can earn a living out of the game.

    Where and when did it all start going awry for us?

    Couple of fair points. Mindset (negativity) is a big player at our club.I think we have to move on from the Hysel thing but it was a major factor, however the biggest is mismanagement since.

    Where and when did it all start going awry for us?

    It was a number of things. 1) Hysel without question 2) Kendall leaving. Still dont understand that one. I know hes a legend but why as an Evertonian did he leave. 3) Mismanagement. The degree to which we have been has been staggering. 4) Moyes. He did really well and we played some great stuff...

    2019/20 Alex Iwobi

    I think he must be a bit thick really, I'm not bothered personally.

    2019/20 Tom Davies

    played well yesterday, gets too much stick

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Amazes me how someone like him and there are lots of them can earn a living out of the game.Looks like hes never played football in his life.

    Do Everton fans contribute to Everton's inferiority complex?

    Its called collective consciousness

    Everton Head Office

    Liverpool FC condone their behaviour. When they trashed the City coach last year they said very little. They're a very good football team, no bitterness from me about that but as stated on this excellent thread several times it's the behaviour off the field which makes me that way.It was...

    Old Everton Pictures

    the first Shoot I ever got bought for me about Sept 74?

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    Why anyone would want to talk with a scouse accent is beyond me.

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    I live in a lovely place wouldn't live in scouseland if someone bought me a house there, too many rats

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    pathetic lad. scousers lived in mud huts till they invaded Widnes and Warrington

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    I used to get the special to away games from Runcorn, I lived in Widnes at the time. I was beaten up and spat at on so many occasions going to and from the match by people who were to thick to understand what the term Woolyback actually meant. I was never afraid of the opposing fans only of the...

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool (Monday 16 March 20:00)

    Hope I'm wrong but If we play them behind closed doors I think they'll murder us, no pressure, both sides will play it like a training game and they are much better than us.
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