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    the big boss, not literally on the larger size... all the oldies are off to kipper these days ;)

    the big boss, not literally on the larger size... all the oldies are off to kipper these days ;)
  2. Hayee

    When i'm formally asked by the big man

    When i'm formally asked by the big man
  3. Hayee

    Fans Forum quiz night

    Hey baby :hayee:
  4. Hayee

    Martin Atkinson to ref the Derby

    If GOT made me mod i'd sort it lid!
  5. Hayee

    Big Dunc testimonial - EFC vs Villareal at Goodison, Sun Aug 2nd

    He best had to else I'll have the tantrum to end all tantrums and march across to lace his boots for him!
  6. Hayee

    GrandOldTeam Award Nomination - Voting Closes 7th Nov

    Voted x 3, had error with the website at first too because i forgot to put my email add in x n.b. expects rep for votes
  7. Hayee

    Hmmm.... Yobo. would you?

    in one word, no! Gaz Baz as makeshift centre half, or even my mate Tony once Seamus is fit. Yobo was a liability in his prime! I'd take Unsy on a free before him (least he can score a penalty...!!)
  8. Hayee

    List our key players....

    Duncan Ferguson (okay, I'd love to see him don his number 9 jersey again, but i'm talking as a coach here!) Bryan Oviedo - I think he will make a big difference, especially in the absence of Steven Pienaar and Kevin Mirallas at the moment, stick him on the wing. Samuel Eto'o.
  9. Hayee


    Please do explain how yesterdays performance was him being a liability? The only thing he lacked was match fitness, but gave his all as always!
  10. Hayee


    Pre-season WE were woeful
  11. Hayee - New Website

    They updated it coz Danny updated GOT, following the trend innit
  12. Hayee

    Remembering Kevin Campbell

    oooh a contraceptive one? they're embedded in your cervix, owieeee!!! SUUUUUUPER KEV!
  13. Hayee


    FORM?! Hes barely played for two years!! He has no recent form! He did well, he did what was asked of him. There is no ego, there never has been, he just quietly continues training and helps the team when required. He has EVERY RIGHT to start for us if Martinez asks him to. He's been a first...
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