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    Full Capacity Stadiums set to be allowed in England for new season

    Just renewed my ST today. Living in Edinburgh I never get to as many games as I'd like but will have both jabs by the time the season starts so will happily go. Would have loved to have made it to florida
  2. graham74

    New Everton Manager

    I don't want him, and it could never happen, but manages one of the biggest clubs in the UK, whose name carries a bit of clout, is a winner and motivator, knows the area and wouldn't take any messing round. Current manager of rangers.
  3. graham74

    Old Everton Pictures

    Definately, I can remember when I started going the game in the 80s and reading the letters page in the programme and always being amazed that we had fans as far away as Telford. The world seemed a much bigger place when your a kid
  4. graham74

    Old Everton Pictures

    I've often wondered, looking at all these amazing old pictures, just how far our fanbase was spread in the early days. Football has fans travelling from all parts of the UK now but back in the day was the crowd made up purely from Liverpool. I grew up in Formby which has always had a large...
  5. graham74

    Old Everton Pictures

    Sandy Young is buried in a cemetery round the corner from me, in Edinburgh. A friend of mine was the piper when the heritage society gave him a new headstone 6 years ago or so. An interesting man with a tragic story, whenever I put my car in the garage nearby, I always take a walk to his grave...
  6. graham74

    FA Cup Final 1995

    I was on the stubs. Remember being near the church for the bullens Road ticket office, about half four in the morning a steward came round and said the office was opening early, a sudden rush by everyone left the whole of the bullens road on pandemonium, punches being thrown everywhere, the few...
  7. graham74

    FA Cup Final 1995

    Same here, I queued all night, was near the front and still missed out. Remember driving to Coventry away the next day and feeling utterly dejected everytime a tell me ma chant went round
  8. graham74

    Old Everton Pictures

    Mate, they are outstanding, even a pic of the game with the police, thankyou
  9. graham74

    Old Everton Pictures

    Anyone got any pics of the fans at the rapid game. Was too young to be there and there's nothing I can find of them in or around rotterdam
  10. graham74

    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Big ask, 3 for Arsenal? I'm a season ticket holder but living in Edinburgh I don't get to many aways. Any help would be much appreciated
  11. graham74

    Next Manager (Poll)

    Simeone for me, has that passion and aggression that could get a tune out of our squad as it is now. I think he would be driven and motivated by a whole new challenge. Carlos, not sure, fantastic coach but does he need an Everton in his life at this stage
  12. graham74

    Scottish supporters club

    The hibs supporters club on Easter Road have a connection. I've spoken with a few of them at hibs games and they get tickets regularly. Not sure where the connection comes from
  13. graham74

    Match Thread Watford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I lived in St. Albans for a few years and knew a few Watford fans. Considering their proximity to London they have a really loyal fan base. This seems to be their biggest game of the season and are well up for it. Everton make me nervous
  14. graham74

    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    Not much chance of them winning it, a win in the cup over rangers next week and a European spot would be incredible, they truly deserve it
  15. graham74

    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    Oh totally, I'm not suggesting he comes to us. I think he'll get a good championship job next, and he deserves it
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