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    Holgate Racially Abused By Firmino - The Guardian

    Some proper victim replys in that tweet
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Sell him and buy gabbiadini
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    Ronald Koeman discussion

    Yeah cos awesome mangers achieve 72 points and that's the stick to beat future managers
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    Video: How much is Lukaku worth?

    Imagine trying to replace rom for £20 million, the utter loon
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    Who let Everton/Koeman down?

    Moshiri for keeping kenwright and elstone on, and martinez for the last two seasons!
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Nothing else to talk about!
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    Ronald Koeman discussion

    Maybe he's already told niasse in private to look for a move, before going public today! Who knows....
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    I love Fridays
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Or its not Friday yet!
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    So next Friday then!
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    25 million is the new 15 million.....
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    Transfer Rumour Juan Mata

    It doesn't really change after eight years pal!
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    Sky TV fixtures announcement

    Thank God I turned my sky off on Monday..
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    Transfer Rumour Axel Witsel

    Hope he's learnt how to tackle since that horror one on wasilewski.
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    Transfer Rumour Axel Witsel

    I'd sign just for the brass and beak!