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    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    I rather have Neville Southall at 61, than Jordan Pickford....
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    An Open Letter To Our Squad

    You were doing so well until you started on Carlo. He is working with utter dog turd.
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    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    Sell whilst he is England's number one. Made the best save I have ever seen in the World Cup vs Columbia, but is too erratic and doesn't fill the defence with any confidence. Trouble is, who would actually replace their keeper with him in the PL? Ask yourself that and when you finally come to a...
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    2019/20 Richarlison

    Best overseas player we have had since Kanchelskis. An absolute pleasure to watch. Should be captain.
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    Time To Break FFP?

    In all seriousness, clubs like Leicester and Sheffield United have shown you don't need to break financial fair play, you just need players with desire and something to prove who will listen to a good manager. We keep signing physically and mentally weak players who have no passion or desire to...
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Go on then here is what must be the worst pass map by a central midfielder in any league in the world this season. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Gylfi Sigurdsson. Pretty sure Gomes will have injured his back carrying him all game....
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Unfair. He misplaced 5 passes tonight and made significantly more passes than his midfield partner for most of the match (see attached). 3 of the misplaced 5 came later in the game as he tired. Richarlison also misplaced 5 passes in the game for comparison. Gylfi's pass map is 100% x rated and...
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Of course he had bad games pre injury. On balance my opinion is that he is generally a good player. If as fans we wrote off a player every time they had a bad game, or even a bad run of form, then we'd probably end up with a team of players that had no confidence and a weak mentality.....
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    I think you underestimate the physical and mental impact of such an injury. To weaken a joint which your entire body weight goes through takes some getting used to. I dislocated my knee twice at 27 and never properly played football again for 5 years. It is tough as you are always thinking 'what...
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Yeah that's nothing is it?
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    You can't get an injury like Gomes got and it not affect you for a period. He has been rushed back as we literally have nothing else in this position. It is fortunate he was even playing again this year! Yes he had a safe game, but let's not write him off. He will get back to his best with...
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    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Needs to play as a free role number 10. This is his only useful position. Anything other than this and he is a waste of space. We don't play a formation with a free role number 10, so bye bye Gylfi. Thanks for the memories...
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Problem with a 4-4-2 against anything other than a 4-4-2 is that the CMs have to pass through a layer of 2 players every time to get it to the forwards. You have to work it wide or try to beat a man. He is still finding his way back from a terrible injury and trying to do the basics right...
  14. Eagle Eye

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Scariest thing is if the Man utd last minute goal is Given and we don't lose a 2 goal lead home to Newcastle in injury time, look where we'd be in the table now...(Let's not even contemplate that we lost 3 games against the promoted teams under Silva this season and 2 at home - you can easily...
  15. Eagle Eye

    Transfer Rumour Thiago Silva

    If he's half as good as Richard Gough, then sign...
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