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    How much more time should Silva be given?

    I can't believe he has failed to win 24 times when we have conceded first. Don't care who you are or why you may still back Silva, but that is indefensible and tells me only one thing. He is tactically naive and deserves to be nowhere near our club. OUT NOW PLEASE
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    2019/20 Marco Silva

    The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (Einstein I believe). We'll it doesn't take Einstein to fathom that Silva is tactically inept, devoid of ideas and way out of his depth. Time to go, time to change formation and time to...
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    Poll: Your starting 11 v Sheffield United

    Pickford Holgate Mina Keane Coleman Gomes Delph Digne Iwobi Kean Richarlison 3-5-2 tried out in the safety of Goodison
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    Confirmed Signing Alex Iwobi

    Judging by this he is pretty effective either side and could even fill in for Kean...I think Iwobi playing off of Kean will be absolute dynamite away from home...
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    Confirmed Signing Alex Iwobi

    Seriously, why the bed wetting? We had a brilliant window. Iwobi knows the league and will hit the ground running. He isn't Zaha, but Bernard and Richarlison are quality first choice. We didn't replace a loan CB in Zouma, but Mina and Keane were supposed to be first choice last season anyway...
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    Confirmed Signing Djibril Sidibé

    Yay! Another club in the bag. Good signing
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Trying to get my head around this. We may actually sign Sidibie, Rakitic and Zaha on top of Kean, Gomez, Delph and Gbamin? Oh my days... If we end up with that lot, I'll take Richard Gough or Dave Watson as Centre back cover....
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    Ivan Rakitic

    Yeah not great that to be fair.
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    Ivan Rakitic

    Erm clearly I'm just judging him on his world class football ability. What did I miss then regarding his personality then? Someone enlighten me...
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    Ivan Rakitic

    If true, signing of the summer.. Please be true....
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    Confirmed Signing Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Absolutely this. I honestly think that this is the reason we have gone for him to replace Gueye. He is much more of a quarterback...
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    Is it time to panic?

    Although I think we will sign another 3 or 4 and I am not panicking about that, I do worry that unless those 3 or 4 have good connections within our squad already or PL experience, it may take some time for them to bed in properly (which was the case for pretty much everyone we signed last...
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    Sometines you have to read between the lines with theses signings. Delph as a bloke is well thought of in the England setup and to be honest, sometimes you need squad players who will not be cry arses when the don't play every week. I think he falls into this category. He is a double winner, a...
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    2018/19 Kevin Mirallas

    Could be a great player on his day. Enjoyed watching him for the majority of his time here and at one point was probably our best player. On the whole definitely made a positive contribution, but probably should have moved on a few seasons ago. Cheers Kev, for the good times, shame about the...
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    2018/19 Kevin Mirallas

    Yes, yes I am. Come join me. The Olympics will be lovely and we will finish above the RS I promise!!!!