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  • alright dylan lad. as you are a site designer cough cough how do we go about getting the "Premier League Standing" on the home page changing the colour of the Highlighted everton line? its a bugger to see against the v pale background
    (i'm a speccy blind bat!)
    Now all I ask is a review. Have a look at the Fox viewer who pointed out it was skirting the political ban rather than address the point about the media being influenced, which is wrong.

    Please sir, reopen.
    Current USAF Enlisted Aviator. Loved your comments on that thread dead on accurate. You guys run a wicked nice place around here. Love that jersey in your Avatar, do you have a name and number on the back?
    Hi Dylan. Looks like Blue Peter has already been used, so is it possible to change my user name to Peter Stilton? If you read my opening gambit in the Tuesday Rendezvous thread in the Ale House, you'll see why I ask! Hope your Christmas went well - hopefully mine will get better still and will watch us win at West Ham tonight!
    Hey Dylan can you do me a favour and check if ozziemozzie has the same ip address as me? I have a feeling it is someone I know... Yay or Nay?
    F-22 Raptor vs Eurofighter Typhoon - who would you choose? I would go for the Eurofighter Typhoon.
    You really would dunk your laptop in alcohol? I read about it and apparently it works but I would be worried about it getting in to the CD/DVD etc.
    Just buy a Russian Kilo on credit, then default on the loan. They won't come for you or anything :p
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