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  1. Chris

    Pienaar's F**ked.....!!!

    Didn't look too serious I thought. Just a bad knock. Fingers crossed! I thought Bily looked a LONG way off the speed of the EPL tbh. He had flashes of potential but I was hoping to see a bit more. His dead ball work is first rate and around the box he looks tricky with little balls here...
  2. Chris

    Fulham vs Everton - Sun 13th Sep

    When we are 2 nil up, I hope he puts on Dan Gosling for the remaining 75 minutes :D :D :D :D :D
  3. Chris

    Ingvar Kamprad

    Gotta love the rumours :)
  4. Chris

    International Blues

    Pienaar is the best player on the pitch so far. Ireland looked rubbish so far, totally undeserved goal. That Gaxa(?) on the right wing looks ok going at defenders.
  5. Chris

    Ronaldo Raldes

    I find it irritating that every player we go in for we've apparently been tracking for ages. I reckon its bollocks :) He said that about *whisper*Kroldrup and look how [Poor language removed] he turned out to be, surely he would have noticed whilst he was being 'tracked'... I mean why put Raldes on a 5 day...
  6. Chris

    Joleon Lescott

    You are quoting the sun? Shame on you.
  7. Chris

    Cody Arnoux

    Cody signs. Chris wins :)
  8. Chris

    Cody Arnoux

    Soccer Insider - Arnoux to England Apparently he arrived last night. Never heard of him or seen anything about him. Player Bio: Cody Arnoux - WAKE FOREST OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE 17 goals in 24 games last year. In America.
  9. Chris

    Best Moments Under David Moyes

    Sipping champers saying Everton are the best team on Merseyside at the end of the season. I got a few days worth of ammo from that for the RS in work :)
  10. Chris

    Were Boss Again

    I wonder what will happen when Yak comes back though. Fel and Cahill in the same team still? Would you choose Hibbo over Neville now? Would you keep Arteta in the middle? Lescott as CB? Leave Baines on the left or put Lescott back there? Let Baines go to the barcodes? Its all running...
  11. Chris

    URGENT - spare ticket for tonight

    My slight dyslexia read that as "tea bag time" for a moment there. I thought you'd gone too far for a split second :D
  12. Chris

    Osman up front?

    Osman is Mr Consistent performer. He is the new Nigel Martyn.
  13. Chris


    I'd rather go for Viduka or Hasselbaink if we're in this type of market... I can't see it happening though. Moyes would rather go for Nugent I reckon. Young, hungry and currently bored.
  14. Chris

    Osman up front?

    Good suggestion. I'd also consider Lescott, he seems a more natural finisher and has better positioning around the box than Osman. Osman tends to score goals by being light on his feet or just sheer power from distance. We played Osman as a striker at the start of last season I think and he...
  15. Chris

    UEFA.. Kiss of death?

    I saw Neville this week(before Wigan game) has said he thinks we're in with a chance of getting a UEFA cup spot if we keep on getting results. I read that with mixed feelings. I mean sure, if we absolutely pull our tripe out yet again and do actually qualify for UEFA yet again, where will...
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