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  • Nothing much Bunds, cricket is full on at the moment like, lots of training (and injuries).
    Bundaburg getting hot this time of year? What's to do in your town? Hope family is well.
    Sozzie mate, forgot to reply the other day. I'm alright thanks cuz, enjoying the fine weather and nice times.
    Listen mate, just don't alright? It's not just the done thing. I thought that we were better than that, me and you, that we had something special and then you go and do this?

    Sorry mate, the Raptor. Newer and the plane that is replacing not just the F-15, but the F-16 too. The things it can do are SCARY!! Add all the aeronautical advantages it has, then you have the stealth factor too. The US doesn't do that many things well, but when it comes to military we are the nuts.

    And don't take that as a knock on the Eurofighter, it is a very, very capable plane that bests almost everything in the sky.

    Actually got to see a squadron of F-22's land at Hickam Air Force base in Hawaii, then saw them parked up on the tarmac. Really awesome things to behold.
    Bizaarly, I think that's one of the most sensiblest thing's i've ever seen you put down on online speech thingy.

    I know where I stand with God, it's cool.

    Anyway, it's late here. G'night Bunds.
    Dont know. My mother forced me (and still sometimes does) to go to church. Baptised, communion, the lot.

    And it's complete and utter horseshit. Some good morals and stories, but that's all it is really
    I would agree with that.

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