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  • Haha no mate. Posted something about the Qataris keeping Kenwright on as a figurehead, expecting Goat to jizz with fury, and bloody finnfan agreed with it! Crazy Scandinavians.
    Just seen your messages on my profile bra, sorry like as I didn't get a notification so missed them.

    Are you the roverfan ffs?
    Work, got a good promotion that meant moving my family up here, what about you, are you originally from Liverpool aswell then.
    Yes! Good man! That's their first album, each one has got considerably better. The new one is out today, managed to get it last week on a pre order thing, it's superb!
    Do it, soon enough you'll totally forget to post about Everton. Happened to RFUS, JDAWG and I for a good year I reckon!!
    Really? Awesome, I knew my trolling type posting of their stuff would finally pay off! Nice to know people click on the songs others post in that thread too, ha =)

    They've slowly become my favourite band in the past couple of years! They mostly sing about football, they're hard not to like!
    Might take it to work. Get the IT guy to have a look. Must remember to delete all stuff off it. Don't want him to find out I go on GOT...Oh, the shame
    The internet connection is fine, I'll try that anyway ;). The problem I'm having is the monitor flickering , then turning off. The computer, itself is still on. Closing and opening the laptop monitor lid switches it back on. Must be a loose connection. Backlight perhaps ?
    What's this, mate? Don't mean to be sceptical, like. Not saying I don't trust you. But you're from GOT. Which means I CAN'T trust you lol
    Jeez what were you all doing there?! Sounds interesting though, I'm sure you drank them all under the table.

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