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    Duncan Ferguson - The Coach

    Best man to have in charge for the next game. Not like we have much choice, so he is the best man so best we get behind him
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    Carlo Ancelotti

    A winner. Quite impressive record of actually winning things. Swerve.
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    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    I thought his decision making was awful.
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    2019/20 Tom Davies

    Whats a hyperbole? Is it the same as snowflake?
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    2019/20 Tom Davies

    Fair enough. But I think we will only know if he is good enough in another couple of seasons. And yes, highly likely to have it tough tomorrow which really is just as much down to the team around him as well. But when people use words like dog turd to describe him, really? It says much more...
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    2019/20 Tom Davies

    Still voted best, by a landslide. Why so much hate?
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    2019/20 Tom Davies

    I see the Tom hater is awake again. Rather odd to see so much hatred towards a young man who is one of the best players in the team you are supposed to support
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    FA Cup Draw

    Tbh I doubt many are. They want as few "big" games as possible. Will Klopp play his best team? How concerned will he be about injuries? This is a game Klopp would rather not have.
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    So what are you doing to avoid the match on Wednesday?

    I watched the Leicester game at work, only a bit delayed. Headphones on, luckily I have more than one screen and best spot in the office so no one can see my screens. But I still cant help standing up quick at the good bits. Thats when the headphone jack comes out and others wonder wtf the noise...
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    So what are you doing to avoid the match on Wednesday?

    Probably going to take a sickie so I can watch it live, as opposed to 12 hours behind everyone else. Whats wrong with me?
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    FA Cup Draw

    Looking at it another way, apart from being a home draw the RS wouldn't have wanted this. Massive game on Weds, need to get them scared of being injured. Knock one or two over on Weds then come the cup game the others will also have that in the back of their minds. Last thing they want is a...
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    2019/20 Tom Davies

    Voted player of the month for November by a landslide. Not bad for someone who apparently only had one good game for us.
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    The small world of Eddie Howe

    EH strikes me as a nice guy and a competent manager. Nothing more and nothing less than competent. I rate him above Silva but our next manager needs to be a proven winner.
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Did a couple of good things when he came on. Definitely showed promise. I'd start DCL again next game but definitely give Kean at least a quarter of a game, probably 30 minutes. The games coming up thick and fast he will get his chances now
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    2019/20 Mason Holgate

    Leave him alone. Apparently Tom Davies was solely to blame for both goals.