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  • Haha know what I was gunna message you that earlier and got disturbed. Simple minds think alike eh!!!
    I think they worry that I may have a mental illness and therefore have pity on me, they're not wrong....
    I should really bow out of the Mirallas and Naismith threads now, I'm starting to get on my own nerves.
    It's best to just assume that I'm always lying about anything I say in the Everton Forum when it appears that I am making a serious point.
    Yes mate, it'll stop you piling all of those illegal substances into it you crackhead
    Hahaha I write some stuff and then read it back and it's dead clichéd so I have to jib it. Weird how we end up immitating the commentators on the sly when talking about the game. FFS.

    I owe Del a bevvy in the summer so I'll ring sting his glass on the sly. Should equal things out a bit.
    I'm gonna blame Del. The harbinger of gashness. Furious with him.

    Same as yourself, I won't be too disappointed if we turn up and give it our best shot and come away with nothing. Then that will sort of validate us not being in the top four. We can get at these though.

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