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    Confirmed Signing Dwight McNeil

    don’t hate the signing, £15m on a PL experienced 22 year old who is half decent is not the worst business in the world at all - should be coming in as a back up to an exciting winger of higher calibre but we’re a sh!tshow atm so take what you can get really
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    Transfer Rumour Harry Winks

    dreadful player
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    Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

    might have to apologise to Richarlison if he does join
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    Are we now....popular??

    we’ve always been popular amongst proper football fans, even those across Stanley Park to a degree. it’s the FIFA / Twitter generation who don’t seem to like us and I do not care one iota! liked or disliked i would find it very difficult to believe anyone can question our support after what...
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    2021/22 Andre Gomes

    could never play in a two man midfield
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    2021/22 Jordan Pickford

    having been relegated once with Sunderland you could tell just how desperate he was to avoid the drop for a second time - that performance at Chelsea is one of the best ever
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    2021/22 Richarlison

    dragged us to safety, proper proper player him - if it is goodbye then nobody can ever say he gave anything less than his all
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    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    Earned himself a full season, can see how much it means to him
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    2021/22 Richarlison

    stepped up when we needed him, hero
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    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Iconic header that, well done for etching yourself into Everton folklore
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    Best Fans in the World

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    Match Thread Everton v Brentford. Preview, Match Report and MotM poll

    I hope that I am not, because it is horrible
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    Referees v Everton

    VAR was not introduced to level the playing field, it was introduced to control the narrative of matches
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    Match Thread Everton v Brentford. Preview, Match Report and MotM poll

    Hard to say mate, if it was then it certainly wasn’t viewed for very long - the worst one is the Sorensen second yellow, would have changed the whole complexion of the game
  15. bilyaletdinov_

    Match Thread Everton v Brentford. Preview, Match Report and MotM poll

    btw Jagielka is the last ex player i’d want representing Everton on national TV, so vanilla it’s untrue
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