Apr 7, 2008
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    1. MoutsGoat
      Why are you a grass lad?
    2. Bungle
      I apologise for not apologising but I'm not apologising for what I was meant to apologise for, right!
    3. Gwladys St. Glory
      Gwladys St. Glory
      Excuse me while I pop my collar...

    4. chicoazul
      Good mate, back on my travels so weirdly miss Kirkby.
    5. Gwladys St. Glory
    6. MoutsGoat
      Hes pretty much failed at every job hes had.
    7. MoutsGoat
      Never say McClaren again.
    8. micknick
      I did I just think it was heart felt, retired actor or not speaking in front of fellow Liverpudlians about a tragic event that affected Liverpudlians- whats not to be heart felt about it?
    9. chicoazul
    10. chicoazul
      Evil attracts evil apparently mate.
    11. chicoazul
    12. kenada_blue
      End in tears for some fellers, that's why. Shame though.
    13. kenada_blue
      Thread police all over Baroness Thatcher demise. Boohoo. Lol
    14. TheFinnFan
      ok, thats cool
    15. TheFinnFan
      how about our little bet? something else than virtual money. something to do with this forum, maybe :) looser has to write a column. winner chooses the topic :)
    16. zed
      hmmm- i`ll get used to it i suppose......... still - shoulda consulted me first :P
    17. zed
      whats with the avatar man? i only go by avatars so changeing them kinda upsets the applecart- what gives?
    18. Frank Drebin
      Frank Drebin
      Aw I get ya big man. Most people wouldnt appreciate a message filled with fury that you aren't regarded as a happy go lucky character but by jove I laughed out loud. Bravo matey :)
    19. Frank Drebin
      Frank Drebin
      I make you laugh despite you being allegedly the biggest sourpuss on the board? You've made my day Meldrew. :)
    20. sirblue57
      found this on another site, what do you make of it? thread was titled
      "how many?"

      on here would like to organise an official protest against the FA, and the totally corrupt state of football at the moment?
      the lack of professional and competant referees?
      the lack of a level playing field,financially?

      starting with,
      a campaign for a limit on wages.
      contracts that are actually legal and binding.
      a system where a percentage of income has to be invested in grounds and improvements.
      a limit on squad sizes, that actually mean something.

      lets start to take back OUR game, the game WE keep going, with our attendances, sky subscriptions and merchandise purchases,
      maybe one day where NO-ONE goes the game, a premiership where grounds are half empty would make them take notice.
      so what about it? action? or just whinging on the net? your choice.
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    10M surplus from summer player trading.

    Where's that cash gone to Kenwright?
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