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    1. Groucho
      Ok mate, no worries.
    2. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I haven't read all of the posts as the late night crew seem to have churned out a whole lot whilst I was tucked up in bed. Best to leave folks to it mate. They won't change their point of view on this. You know you're right. That's all that really matters :)
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      2. Bruce Wayne
        Bruce Wayne
        And to think there's still deadline day to come as well. Reckon this season will be a grand one.
        Aug 12, 2014
      3. Elong
        I think so, but I won't be upset if it's not fantastic either, as long as we keep building and play nice football. Love supporting Everton at the moment, Bobby has instilled a really good atmosphere.
        Aug 12, 2014
      4. Bruce Wayne
        Bruce Wayne
        Exactly. We're going about things the right way. If we get results at the end of it, then that's a bonus.
        Aug 12, 2014
    3. tommye
      Happy day of birth young sir.
      Have a great day pal.

      1. Elong
        Cheers Tommy! Certainly am :)
        Apr 18, 2014
    4. the sniderman
      the sniderman
      trust me partner you are wrong so wrong. i am sniderman. i cannot pretend to be anyone else. snide is my currency and i have unlimited resource.
    5. chicoazul
      Hahaha I do!
    6. Groucho
      Your attempt to lighten the mood was appreciated - you were not the problem there mate.
    7. Groucho
      Didn't know that, thanks.
    8. chicoazul
      What you asked for is done. Keep up the good work lid x
    9. Bungle
    10. ijjysmith
      Don't be daft mate! It's all good. I took no offence at all.
      Hope you're well.
    11. johnnydawg68
      Mate you deserve your own birthday thread! I was suprised no one else had started one, so I stepped in! Cheers my friend!
    12. chicoazul
      Hahahaha, loving the work of your mates there. Super stuff. Makes me feel better!
    13. chicoazul
      My Welsh mate who I was with was discussing it today with me. I had him, azula, my Greek mate, the photos on my phone and my posts on here to piece it together.

      I drank for we worked out fourteen hours. I went through a case of beer and half a litre of dark rum on top of things I can't remember. I told a lad who works for me to stop being gay and trying to bum me, I'm usually straight laced when it comes to subordinates so it was a sensation of shock. I ended up in my underwear shouting WALL PUSHERS and MURDERERS MURDERERS all over my mate's street. We're not in Britain at the moment so I don't know what the neighbours thought.

      I was meant to be on the wagon, I think I'll return to it. I felt honestly bad at what I said to the South African. In conclusion, I'm an excitable tit when drunk.
    14. chicoazul
      Hey dude you're a legend of the nightshift, what you on about? Keep doing your thing man, I appreciate it. You'll always get the LISTEN TO ME FFS types. Good thing is that they generally don't last long on here.
    15. chicoazul
      Thanks mate, appreciated x
    16. faddy the blue
      faddy the blue
      Ahhhh, I've got no words mate. My heart was shouting to me that we'll win this match and end the losing streak. The streets were filled, the local cafes. Everyone had their faces painted including me but it wasn't the will of God. Wahab was class but when you drop 4 catches of Sachin and then play irresponsible shots then God only favors the brave really.
      India deserved to win however cos they kept their cool while we lost it in the field and in the batting later on. Still, the lads have surpassed all our expectations and credit to Afridi for uniting this team into a unit and showing to the world that you may hurt us with spot fixing and other controversies, if you have the passion then it can be done. If India had Zaheer, Nehra or Harbhajan banned for alleged spot fixing then they would not have made it in the quarters. Out bowling will always be strong but the batting needs a work!
      India deserves to win the WC solely cos of Sachin for me. What a humble, great player he is.
    17. faddy the blue
      faddy the blue
      Indeed, you speak the minds of the Pakistani fans. The players did feel that they were humiliated at the IPL but now they seem to not give a **** about it. It's much bigger than the derby for me. There are giants screens being set everywhere here in Lahore and Karachi. I have university that day but the news is that the government may announce holiday that day!

      Ryder is a bit different from the other kiwis cos he has some flesh in him and is not skinny. Still he is a good fielder but running b/w the wickets is his problem. Guptill looks a sound player too and I'm hoping that he will fire against Srilanka, either him or Mcculum up top.

      You never know mate, no one expected NZ to beat S.A so who knows? Maybe the home pressure gets to Srilanka. I'm hoping that NZ win.
    18. faddy the blue
      faddy the blue
      I thought I'll post it here.

      Yes sir, the people here have gone crazy cos half the nation including me believed that after all the controversies and the hurt it caused us, the boys will explode and they've done exactly that.
      Now we face India in the semi final and to be honest I just want them to beat India, never mind the World Cup!

      England have been a sad story but NZ have caught attention all of a sudden. Ryder played a blinder the other day and S.A chocked yet again.
    19. faddy the blue
      faddy the blue
      Glad to hear the good news. I think Australia is very unlucky to get all these natural disasters time after time but having a soft corner for NZ, it mad me very sad indeed!

      Well I have been missing all of the wc matches till date,mostly anyway due to my **** university timings which mean that by the time I get back home,the matches have ended. FML!

      We've been through hell in the recent past and maybe that anger will ignite some spark in the players and they will put up a good show. Still very early to say. England are slow starters, we know it. I expect them to get better as the tournament goes on. India shouldn't win! This is coming from a Pakistani ofcourse! Haha!
    20. faddy the blue
      faddy the blue
      Hi mate. just wanted to make sure you were alright. I don't know if you live in Christchurch or not but really sad news. Hope you and you're family and friends are all safe and good.

      Cheers =)
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