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The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you have burned so very brightly, Orly frandel.
I said'a flip flop a flipidy flip flop ye don't stop till a permo ban or if we never ever suffer defeat.
Saw your post on expecting a new arrival next week, congrats! Hope everything goes smoothly and when he/she arrives post a pic of the poor kid you are going to inflict Everton upon ;)
I have two tickets if you still need them. Face value is £60 but you can have them for £50 if you still need them
Hey 50 for both right? Yea hit me up at 7480688376
Hi, I think there is a S California supporters club but don’t know much about it - @steveojcc might though as he’s North San Diego area iirc.
Yep theirs a big group broken in too smaller groups based on location the overall umbrella and facebook group is Sourthern California Everton.