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Blue Roo

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Better in the 2nd half? 🤣
Against a side that was 2up and let us have a go at em like it was the last 10 in a cup match. Watford didn't seem capable of controlling the match.
And yet they outplayed us.
Sure the 1st half was possibly the easiest I've ever seen the opp walk through and camp in the attacking mid.
Feel sorry for Alan, he may need counselling


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I disagree, to an extent.

I'm not saying Benitez doesn't shoulder some responsibly - he does - but a big part of playing any sport, be that professional or as am amateur, is mentality.

You need to have grit, desire and some guile along other characteristics. We didn't show any of that, like we didn't when we completely fell apart against Watford.

Any manager can help prepare a team and give as much instruction, but sometimes people don't turn up either as individuals or worse as a collective.

Maybe that's a result of something deeper, which could be this manager, but we saw similar traits under Carlo, Silva and Koeman. Is that just poor management?
Yes they were all poor managers. Rafael has done ok so far but was poor today. I don't disagree about needing those traits but management matters and when they do something like leave two in midfield when the team can't handle it no amount of the above qualities can fix it alone.


Player Valuation: £70m
Much as it pains me to say it, Delph coming on for the second half made a big difference. I went Pickford MoM for preventing a more embarasing half time score. Their second goal was a combination of sloppiness by Godfrey and laziness from Holgate.

WE could have got something out of the game in the second half because the team started showing some fight for a change. I know it won't be a popular opinion but I thought Iwobi had a decent game as well as scoring his customary goal against Wolves.
Not to let Godfrey off the hook but…
Part of the problem for their 2nd is that nobody supports the ball carrier. The second that ball goes to Godfrey then Holgate should be dropping into a position to receive it and one of the midfield 2 should be rushing over to offer themselves.

We are constantly guilty of this because these players are not comfortable on the ball and they don’t want it in tight spots.

It is why we improved when Delph came on, he knows how to do that job if nothing else.

Gbamin, not suited to this league in midfield, maybe as a centre back because the ones we have have very little football in them.

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