The case for the defence...


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Mykolenko who joined (alongside Patterson) in January has the most appearances for us today out of the back 5. Get this, he has cumulatively more league starts for us than the other 4 put together.
Obviously this is tempered by the fact that theres 3 veterans of the league involved, but still its been a hell of a turn around to fit this set together and have them performing.

Whoever is overseeing the defensive side of things (A.Cole?) is earning their corn.

Patterson Coady Tarkowski Mykolenko


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Impressed by the Coady and Tarkowski partenership today. If they keep turning in performances like that then they could turn out to be the most dependable CB pairing Everton have had for many years...Since Weir and Stubbs perhaps...

As a team, I thought the defensive performance was solid and reassuring today. They made the 1 - 0 lead feel very comfortable. Compare that to last season....The few times we actually took the lead in games, everyone was just on edge waiting until the inevitable equalizing goal.


Guilty unitl proven innocent
Chelsea’s defense was a mess when Lampard was fired. Glad to see he understood the need to get Everton’s defense (and midfield) straightened out immediately after surviving relegation. Credit to the players and the staff for improving that aspect.
It was a mess, then Tuchel came in and it wasnt.

I get that Managers have impacts, but I dont believe teams forget how to defend overnight, then remember.

Sheedy's right knee.

Player Valuation: £10m
The attack could be a lot more threatening if we're getting overloads on FBs with those two bombing on. They dont offer enough in that respect, but I'll take what's on offer so far, yeah.
A few times we could have been braver particularly Mykolenko but it’s developing trust with your team mates. If we can get a few more points on the board hopefully this will improve with confidence.
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