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Player Valuation: £90m
….I genuinely don’t know what’s going on with James but you must truly stop defending Benitez regardless, James is earning big bucks if he refuses to be on the bench then I suspect the club can suspend his income.

I’m not defending James, I’m not polarising Benitez. I don’t know what is going on.
Precisely Eggs
He is not refusing being on the bench


Player Valuation: £90m
What benefit would he get out of refusing to be on the bench?

It's called common sense.

He said, literally 8 days ago, that he wants to play and is ready to play when needed. Why would he then refuse to be on the bench?
Becuase he is up himself and thinks he should start?


Player Valuation: £100m
How do you know, you dont, either way who cares, game hasnt even started

….precisely, we don’t know it but you say that’s the reason?

Not sure why such statements are made unless you know the circumstances. The team is what it is, I’m sure we’ll find out the reasoning but let’s not make potentially false assumptions.

Game on, let’s see how we go. Richarlison is the big loss, massive test for Benitez.
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