Players who’ve stood up

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Grogu the blue

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Pickford definitely 1st, if I watch that save again it will go in😂 pulled 3/4 worldys in last few games that southall would get hard on.
Richarlson 2nd for his play, snidey Side when we needed it and some great finishes when pressure was massive on him- he sucked it up!!
Mykolenko 3rd, I thought he was crap and shoved that thought right down my throat
Iwobi and holgate joint for just utterly surprising me👍

Cow kecks

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The season is not over the last few games, it's over 38. The players who for me have give they're all over the full season are Pickford, Richarleson and Gordon. The rest of them have all been guilty of going missing in games during the full season.


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Holgate. He's a standup guy. He knocked it back for Keane to score the first on Thursday.

He knocked Firmino into the row Z and all. Then faced up the frightful greaser

He's what they used to call where I come from - a hard ticket..


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Lampard has been instrumental in transforming a lot of this squad, and loads have stood up to the challenge, as individuals and as a team.


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See the 11 on the field and all the subs, injured players etc etc all in the pile-on after the winner tells you everything you need to know.

Andros, Cenk, Godfrey, Davies, Yerry, JJK all going mental..


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Disappointed in Gordon in the latter part of the season tbf.
Gordon should normally be expecting to start 15 games at best, and coming off the bench in another 10 or so. He played 11 times last season for Preston. I expect he's simply goosed having not only player about double that, but also being the hardest worker and longest runner in the side. He's earned a bit of poor form. Too bad for us we couldn't really afford to take him out because our options were so limited.


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I think come the final few games every player who played stood up bar maybe one or two. It's probably easier to single out those who didn't rather than those who did
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