Confirmed Signing Neal Maupay

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Player Valuation: £950k
8 goals in the Prem was T-28 last season and T-36 the season before for goal tally. If you look at the players above him on the scoring charts, you'll find that they either:

a) were on massive wages at a Sky 6 club
b) would command a hefty transfer fee
c) are older than God

I think any DoF (well, maybe not Woodward) that perused this forum would walk away shaking their heads and muttering, "Pearls before swine."
Everything is about context.

Scuffing/deflecting a handful of important goals to almost single handedly drag one of Englands biggest and historic teams to PL safety makes you a club legend.

Neatly slotting a similar number of goals for a “nice” south coast team to finish mid-table makes you crap and underwhelming.

His all round impact on the club and the fans will surely never match Richy’s, but whilst some goals are worth way more than others, they all need putting in the net. There is some evidence that he is capable of doing this. 🤞

Not open for further replies.
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