Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!


Player Valuation: £500k
Ticket now sold
Lads next season don,t try and help Josh Kershaw tried to help him today with a ticket arranged to meet him outside away end waited till 3.05pm rang him several times no answer .
anyway have a great summer up the fxxxing toffees


Player Valuation: Free Transfer
Hey all,

I'm a diehard blue from Australia, currently living in Colombia. Coming across with my gf (it'll be her first time in the UK) for a week and a half in August for a mate's wedding - it'll be my first time back since I used to live there 7-8 years ago. Unfortunately, the football gods have conspired against me and we're away at the Molineux the only game week of the season we'll be there for. I've already sent an email to the club and they reckon it'll be near impossible to get tickets into the away end, as they go on sale to season ticket holders first. I've been dreaming of dragging Laura to an Everton league game since I first moved over to Colombia and I'd be devastated if we couldn't swing it during the trip. Are there any season ticket holders on here who aren't planning to head to Wolverhampton and would maybe fancy sorting a couple of tickets for us? It would mean the world. Could pay for them and pick em up on the Sat before when we're at Goodison for the Valencia friendly (or whatever else works best). Thanks so much, Tristan :)

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