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It's the eve of a new season which means it's time for my annual tedious 'disclaimer' thread again...

Those who have been here a while will appreciate that we're considerably more lenient with our moderating during the summer 'silly season'.

And so, as we get set to enter another season of football - a reminder that we do ask that all to follow our guidelines to ensure these forums remain user-friendly.

I can't recall a pre-season with such widespread apathy, or pessimism. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it has coincided with an increase of angst across the forum. With that - sadly, we're seeing more and more 'playing the man, not the ball'...

We're all Evertonians, if someone posts something you disagree with you can say so without being an arse. Give people the benefit of doubt. I think digital conversation in general is becomingly increasingly divisive/partisan and abusive - let's try and buck the trend on here.

With this in mind, I'd encourage those who are frequently abusing the Everton manager to reflect. Sure, criticise but the insults, no matter how mild, sour the atmosphere of the forum. It risks a broken window effect and abuse towards the Everton manager can risk setting a false 'fair game' precedent across the forum.

GOT should always allow fun, it should always offer escapism to some - moderators need to respect that, but you have to help us out.

Please think before you post and help us maintain your community so we can collectively accurately represent the fan base with pride.

Nice one.


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So much mysery around the everton section i daren't look any more as it gets me down. It would be nice to think our players could look here and see what the fans think in a positive light that might make them confident and get the best out of them. Undoubtedly the modern footballer will be trained not to look, just as they're trained to pedal off the same trite vanilla lines in every interview. Its a damn shame.

However, I appreciate that will never happen so long as they don't apply an effort commensurate with their vast salaries. I can understand the angst and frustration thrown at any pro footballer these days, but what's the point in endlessly repeating it when nobody outside if here is ever going to see it? Its what seems to happen in that part of the forum.

Its just a game ffs.


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Not enough cat gifs.

Not open for further replies.

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