Introducing Everton Mishmash

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We've commissioned a unique design which we need your help with.

Please use this thread to send in EFC moments - please do try an keep it on topic/semi serious as it'll help the artist collate them.

Everton Mishmash. [PRE ORDER HERE]


Introducing ‘Everton Mishmash – The History of Everton Football Club in One Image’

GrandOldTeam have commissioned artist Alex Bennett to work with Everton fans to illustrate all their favourite, treasured moments into one design.

This print is a work in progress – would you like to see a moment included? We’re accepting your #EFCMishmash moments on our forum, on social media, via email or in person at the match!

An original special item sure to be treasured, the work will take between 600-800 hours to complete.

Support the fan project with a pre-order – we anticipate the print will be available between September-November 2018.

A checklist of everything included within the illustration will eventually fill the border.

The Everton Mishmash poster will be 69cm (height) x 94.5cm (width) and is printed on 170g high quality paper with a gloss finish. If you’re looking to frame your print, you will require a 100cm x 70cm frame. They are widely available on Amazon.
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