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From last weeks team, Iwobi and DCL out, I’d drop Keane and Gana too. Patterson too if there were any other options.

Danjuma, Branthwaite and Dobbin in (might as well give him a try). We might have no option to try Cannon as well, but knowing Dyche he will pick Maupay.
Had the same thing mate - people looking the other way. Like a bad car crash. Even the resident Villa fan in work - came over and apologised and says he couldn't take the piss.
Scary how its come to this. It's exactly like that now. It's how people often behave around someone who has recently been bereaved. In lots of ways I think they just hope we can have the funeral and everybody move on. For us that would be for the club to go in to administration and then eventually booted out of the league altogether. Without a new owner very little can change in the short to medium term.

Is it just internet anger, or do we have the feeling that defeat here could see a genuine eruption against the club
You get that feeling.
Of course the problem that brought us near to relegation last season still exists.
Same owner and chair of the board.
Still without a reliable striker.
Done nothing all winter.
No wonder the fans are restless.

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